Expert in sport headsets for referees, coaches and officials in sports

Because of our experience in facilitating duplex and wirelless communication in sports we know that headsets or earphones define the quality of the communication between the participants (by a communication system). We are continously innovate our headsets to improve the quality of communication in sports.  

Best performing sports headsets

As the supplier of wireless communication systems, AXIWI has also become an expert in supplying sport headsets and sport earphones for sports. Our sports headsets are used by the best referees, coaches and officials in the majority of sports. Think of sports like soccer, fieldhockey, rugby handball, korfball and many other sports. We are aware that there are many sports and many different applications for communication in sports, which all need a specific solution.

Afbeeldingen sport headsets 

Improving sports communication with the best sport headsets 

In the last few years we developed several AXIWI headsets and earphones which are used in many sports. Popular applications of wireless communication systems are referees / umpires, coaches and other officials on the sports fields. Each of them has their own needs when it comes to hearing solutions such as: headsets, earphones and headphones. For communication between referees in the field headsets are popular. For a referee coach or other official, who wants to list (and is able and authorised) ‘real life’ to the convesation of the referees a sports earphone is a good solution. Depending of the application and budget we have different earpiece solutions (for the headsets): from universal earpiece to custom made erpieces. And we can provide them in the ear, on ear and or over the ear. 

We arrange the best sports communication so you can set your best performance!