Bezprzewodowy system komunikacji sędziowskiej

W dyscyplinach sportowych, w których uczestniczy 2 lub więcej sędziów, jest to tendencja wzrostowa, nawet jeśli mecze nie są zawodowe. Aby komunikacja między sędziami była skuteczniejsza, wprowadziliśmy bezprzewodowy i „hands free” system komunikacji AXIWI dla sędziego. Koszt systemu komunikacji jest bardzo przystępny: podobne systemy komunikacji sędziowskiej są 5 do 6 razy droższe. W międzyczasie nasz system AXIWI jest używany z powodzeniem w sporcie takim jak piłka ręczna, piłka nożna, koszykówka, piłka nożna, hokej, siatkówka, baseball, piłka wodna, rugby, hokej na lodzie, siatkówka plażowa, unihokej i Lacrosse. Click here for a total view with all the sports and possibilities.


Top referees and officials whistle with AXIWI

The AXIWI communication system is already in use by the (top) referees from several international renowned sports federations.

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The affordable referee communication system for sports

With the AXIWI communication system up to 5 persons are able to simultaneously communicate hands free with each other. Just like a telephone conversation. One can choose for an open listen and talk connection or talk connection by just pushing the ‘S’ button. Depending on the software configuration a 4th or 5th person can break into the conversation but is also kicking out 1 person out of the communication circle. Only persons with an axiwi units are able to listen in and other persons are not able to hear the conversation at all.


In the mean time our AXIWI system is succesfully being used in sports like handball, korfball, basketball, soccer, fieldhockey, volleyball, baseball, water polo, rugby, Ice hockey, floorball, Segway Polo and Lacrosse. Click here for a total view with all the sports and possibilities.

Benefits for refees using a duplex and wireless communication system

Quick decision making with the ‘open’ line

  • Proactive game management tool
  • Directly in contact with referees and officials
  • Everyone (with an AXIWI) is live well infromed

Motivates referee team

  • Referees and officials are fully involved

Reduce faults

  • Confirm critical game information
  • Communicate fast and directly relevant information


  • Players and coaches appreciate technology because it increases good decisions and the performance of the referee team

Development referees

  • By letting referee coaches and observers listen to the communication (with an AXIWI) between the referees during a game, they know exactly what the referees in the field are saying and how they react to specific situations on the field. This helps referee coach with good evaluations and develop the skills of the referee.

Coaching communication system for referees

The AXIWI communication system is thé tool for guiding and coaching other referees. With the communication system you are in direct contact with referees on the field. You can give directly instructions on distance by the wireless referee communication system from AXIWI. The communication system is also very good to use for communication between coaches and their assistents, during a training or a game.

Talent development

The communication system is also used to guide talented referees by referee coaches. During a game a referee coach stands next to the field, but is in direct contact with the referee by using the wireless AXIWI communication system. The referee can give direct feedback to the referee in the field about his performance. The information that the referee coach gets during the game (by listening to what the referee is saying), he can use after the game for the evaluation with the referee and increase the performance of the referee.

Referee training / course

The referee communication system is the perfect solution for coaches who are guiding starting referees. With the communication system a coach can give instructions about how to walk in the field and where to stand in certain game situations.

The AXIWI communication system

  • The referee unit is set as the “Master ‘unit
  • The assistant and official unit are set as “Follower”
  • The referee and the assistant can talk and hear each other permanently . Besides the whistle signal one can also hear the conversation from the referee in the field.
  • Another option is to use the PTT (push to talk)  button. The listen connection is always open, but the talk function will be activated by pushing the ‘S’ button.

Custom made AXIWI communication system

Every sport is different and is lead in a different way. At  some sports you have one referee and at others you have even 2 or 3 referees. And then not to forget the other officials who may have a role in leading and supporting in a match. Also the level, on which the sport is practiced, plays a role in the level of guidance. The AXIWI system offers a perfect communication solution for the majority of sports and the communication sets can be adjusted te every needed level.

AXIWI set for top referees

The top referees of the Royal Dutch Korfball Federation and of the Dutch Handball Association guiding sportmatches whistle with a tailor-made AXIWI communication system. For example, AXIWI has developed a communicaton set in collaboration with a number of top handball referees. This communication set fits seamlessly with the needs of guiding games of competitions at the highest level.


Survey: Which possibilities does a communication system offers referees and sports?

Referees take more correct and faster decisions with communication system

In June 2016 Axitour Communication Systems has held a survey among referees in Holland. The referees who participated on the survey are active on all levels and in a variety of sports. To obtain the information we made a survey for referees who are working with a communications system and who aren’t working with a communication system: 105 to 419.

More information about the survey: Check the webpage with the main results, the Infographic and the official Press Release of the survey.

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